Humble Beginnings

Sen Yue Holdings Limited has its roots in the modest tool-and-die designer business back in 1992, dedicated to the design and sale of speaker nets and frames among other types of metal components, before finding new opportunities in electro-deposition (ED) coating. We brought our various specialized coating techniques, including organic coating, powder coating, spray-painting, and silk-screening, to industries spanning automotive and transportation, consumer electronics and metal production.

In 2015, we branched out into commodities trading, focusing on non-ferrous metals, including copper and other special alloys.  Subsequently, we expanded our business to include waste management and recycling, a core competency that have been built up by the new management who have been involved in the industry since the 1990s.




Today, our sights are set on furthering our expertise in waste management and recycling. We aim to take the lead in establishing an ideal and sustainable standard for the collection, handling, treatment and disposal of commercial and hazardous electronic and industrial waste for the region. More importantly, central to our waste management vision, is the establishment of a battery-recycling facility that will aid in materials recovery and enable the recycling and trading of metal scraps and electronic waste. We hope that our decades of experience in the industry would stand us in good stead to help clients and their businesses conserve earth’s valuable resources.

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