Our ED Coating business segment provides various surface coating technologies, including electrodeposition (“ED”) coating, powder coatings, spray-painting and silk-screening services, and secondary processes, in-house to provide aesthetic finishes for products across a diverse range of industries. Our customer base spans industries including audio-visual, automotive, bicycles, electrical & electronics, luggage & power tools, micromotor, screw & fastener, and general hardware.

We continue to keep ourselves abreast with more advanced and environmentally friendly surface coating technologies to achieve better efficiency and effectiveness to meet the stringent requirements of our customers, who are reputable brand manufacturers.

Our proprietary surface coating process – our ED coating service, is one of our key competitive strengths. ED coating is particularly critical for the automotive sector as it ensures rust prevention performance is formed both on the outer surface and the complicated internal structures of the automobile. Whilst an automotive coating film may appear thin, it consists of layers with various functions including design performance for beautiful appearance, weather resistance performance, anti-chipping performance, and rust prevention performance. ED coating is also known as a versatile and eco-friendly surface finishing method.

During FY2023, we commissioned the hot-dip zinc galvanizing line for corrosive protection service. We believe this cost-competitive coating solution for corrosion protection would broaden the Group’s customer base.

Our facilities are certified with ISO9001:12015 on quality management systems, and IAFT 16949:2016, which is a global quality management system standard for our automotive industry. We are accredited for our competencies in consistently meeting the evolving requirements of our customers.

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